That's me (in the back!) quite a long time ago on my travels in India. I now lead a more conventional life with 2 children and a dog called Poppy but still hold dear my creative spirit and love to express this through my artwork.

My Story

I've always loved faces and found an interest in drawing them from a young age. As a child I used to copy all sorts of animal pictures from various sources and also worked from pictures of my various idols printed on the back of magazines. Although there are quite a few artists in the family, I believe my portrait ability may have been passed down from my Irish Grandfather who was often seen in his village with sketch pad drawing passers by.

Through my travels, I later developed an interest in African portraiture and spent time in both Kenya and Namibia sketching villagers and tribes people.

Since settling down in Shrewsbury I began to really focus on people and pet commission work and am also developing a new passion for drawing wildlife and local scenes.


 The only thing that gives me more pleasure than drawing a protrait, is the joy it brings. Contact me if you would like to commission a portrait.